The 2018 Sea to Summit Triathlon
July 28, 2018

The Sea to Summit is not your traditional multisport race. This is an amazing day which combines the core elements of triathlon with the challenges of an adventure race. With assistance from your support designate, or porter, you’ll swim 1.5 miles, ride 92+ miles then run and climb your way  up the tallest — and deadliest — mountain in the Northeastern United States. Serious athletes only need apply — and don’t delay, for the field limit has been reached in each of the past three years.

The most difficult single-day race in America?
“If an Ironman isn’t audacious enough, then sign up.” Triathlete Magazine
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Qualification Standards
2018 Sea to Summit

This is not a race for beginners or even intermediate triathletes. Required for entry into Sea to Summit is the completion of a 70.3 distance triathlon in 6:29 or less, or a 140.6 (“Ironman”) triathlon in 13:29 or less, completed after Jan. 1, 2016. Alternatively, athletes who have completed three or more IM distance races since 2010 — with one of their finishes at the qualifying standard — will also be accepted. The Race Directors may allow entries for athletes who have completed other recent races of similar difficulty if they are convinced the athlete likely has the ability to reach the checkpoints before the intermediate  cut-off times.  Athletes must be 18 years of age or older. This is an individual race: no teams or relays.


I love the S2S race!


The high-level ability of the field this was very obvious to me on the bike…almost like Kona…but with a laid back, much friendlier tone.”


No hoopla, no spectators, no brand name…just me and the water, road and mountain.”


Reaching the summit of Mount Washington…having started swimming in the ocean, riding across multiple states and running up that beast of a mountain…was life-altering.”


How can you resist a dawn swim in a Maine river, a bike through rural New Hampshire, and finishing at the top of the tallest mountain in the Northeast? So beautiful it's almost not hard. Almost."


Sea2Summit transformed me. It was so much more than a tri. It was a test of personal fortitude met with the extreme beauty of the White Mountains. If you’re looking for the next adventure race challenge, this is it.”

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